Frequently asked questions

What are Project Sites, and how are they different to Inspections?

The InspectWISE product is designed around Projects and Inspections. Projects are usually defined by a location. This could be a particular building or an entire geographic region, like a suburb. Within these defined projects are the inspections themselves. For instance, a Building project might contain a hundred inspections, while an entire suburb might contain thousands of inspections.

From a management perspective, the preferred manner in which to use InspectWISE is to have more projects the more inspections you have. Projects will enable you to better categorize your inspections over time, as well as determine who can have access to view these inspections via the iPad app and the website.

As such, our plans are determined by the number of inspections you might create over time and how best to manage these inspections on a project-by-project basis.

How does licensing work?

InspectWISE licensing is based around the number of user accounts, and the number of projects you wish to create and manage individual inspections within. Refer to the Compare Plans page to review the different plans on offer.

For those of you interested in the Enterprise offering, refer to the Enterprise Plan overview page.

Where are my inspections stored?

InspectWISE runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) http://aws.amazon.com. Your projects are stored within the AWS Cloud (S3). We offer InspectWISE Cloud accounts on both the AWS West (Northern California) location, as well as the AWS Australia (Sydney) location.

Can I export my inspections if I cancel my InspectWISE account?

Currently there is no automatic way for you to export your projects from InspectWISE. If you want to extract your content from the InspectWISE Cloud, you can contact us to request this.

What happens to my inspections if you can’t charge my Credit Card?

Don't panic, we understand that depleting the credit card happens! We’ll simply contact you informing you that we've not been able to debit your card. If we don't hear back from you within 5 working days, we'll simply suspend your account under we hear from you.

Can I change my plan level after I've signed up?

Yes. You can choose to upgrade to a higher plan. You can perform this within your InspectWISE website. At this time, we don't support the downgrading of individual plans.

If I have a problem, how do I contact you?

You can contact InspectWISE through the Contact page within this website.