Enterprise plan

Make InspectWISE your own

InspectWISE Enterprise provides a suite of additional modules not available with the other plans. Designed for organisations who have specific requirements relating to the way Inspections are performed, InspectWISE Enterprise provides a tailored inspection solution to meet your specific business requirements.

On-site or dedicated Cloud
The Basic, Professional and Premium InspectWISE plans all run in the InspectWISE cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). InspectWISE Enterprise can be installed on-site within your own infrastructure, or deployed to a dedicated cloud environment of your choosing. Deploying on-premise provides greater flexibility with regards to how InspectWISE can integrate within your existing enterprise workflows. Deploying to your own dedicated cloud means you can again have the flexibility of managing your project data securely yourself.

Custom Inspection Fields Builder
At this time the Basic, Professional and Premium InspectWISE plans only provide a fixed method by which data can be captured during an Inspection. InspectWISE Enterprise provides a web-based Inspection Form Fields Builder allowing you to develop bespoke inspection and auditing forms that meet the unique needs of the Inspections you are performing. Create an unlimited number of Form Templates and associate these to individual Sites. Inspections created within these Sites will inherit the form fields defined within the Form Template.

InspectWISE Form Builder screenshot

Inspection Analytics and Data Export
InspectWISE Enterprise also provides a Data Export and Analytics module. You can search and filter inspection data, and then choose to export data in a range of formats. Analytics enables the reviewing of trends within Inpections based on location and metatags. Additional analytics can be created from custom fields defined within the Form Fields Builder module.

InspectWISE Data Export and Analytics screenshot

Contact Us
If you'd like to learn more about the InspectWISE Enterprise offering including pricing and a product demonstration, please contact us via email at Enterprise Sales sales@inspectwise.com to request more information.